Tuesday August 5, 2014

Perfect conditions as CAT BALOU headd out on a whale search this morning & what a morning it was! We spotted a breaching whale a couple of miles east of Twofold Bay and it continued to breach & pec slap for an hour, much to the delight of passengers (and crew). Another Humpback was seen pec slapping closer to shore. Back in Twofold By we picked up Bottlenose Dolphins and sighted a few seals hauled out on the Eden breakwall. GREAT DAY & not even whale season yet!


Sunday August 3, 2014

A great morning on todays whale search. Cat Balou encountered a Dwarf Minke Whale who mugged the boat for over 15 minutes. Later we found several pods of Humpbacks along with over 100 Common Dolphins & quite a few Albatross. The whales appeared to be searching for food & not heading in any set direction. A few seals were also sighted throughout the trip.

Friday July 25, 2014

There was plenty to see today. As Cat Balou left the Eden wharf we spotted two seals hauled out on the breakwall. Mid bay we sighted an elusive whale and nearby Common Dolphins. As we played with this pod we saw a whale breach at South Head so headed in that direction. A small Humpback was seen pec slapping and not long after we had a mugging with numerous spy hops right beside the boat. Photos of this on Cat Balou Cruises faebook page! Bottlenose dolphins near Whale Spit was a nice way to finish off the cruise.

Tuesday July 22, 2014

Cat Balou did an extended bay cruise/whale search today. After sighting seals on the Eden breakwall we found Bottlenose dolphins in Honeysuckle Bay. Heading outside the bay we came across Common Dolphins but the whales were proving elusive. We ventured south an called into Bitangabee Bay for a look. As we started to head home we came across a single juvenile Humpback which gave one breach. Near Murwaree an adult Southern Right was sighted heading south. Shortly after another Humpback was seen, also heading south.

Friday July 11, 2014

With more whales being sighted on their northern migration, Cat Balou will be operating some extended bay cruises/whale searches over July on selected days. We did one of these today and sighted several pods of Humpbacks a couple of miles out of Twofold Bay. One curious animal swam beside and under Cat Balou several times. Later two adults were seen heading north with a spectacular breach at close range. Lots of dolphins & seals seen too.

Wednesday May 14, 2014

We received a call from the crew of the Eden tugs this morning, notifying us that there was a whale right in at the Eden wharf. This was another small Humpback but not the same whale as sighted on Monday.  There were also reports from Marine Rescue of an active whale in the bay yesterday.