Wednesday 14th October 2015

Twofold Bay was a popular spot for mothers & their young calves this morning with Cat Balou sighting at least 7 pods in the bay and more just to the north. We saw breaches, head lunging, close encounters and a super active calf tail slapping in the last pod. Common Dolphins were also sighted and we picked up singing on the hydrophone.

Tuesday 13th October 2015

Perfect conditions prevailed for whale watchers at Eden today and there was no shortage of whales, mainly adults. The best singing for this year was heard when we put the hydrophone in – we must have been right on top of this vocal Humpback.
Dolphins were seen along with a number of Albatross.
Later we cruised into picturesque Bittangabee Bay.
A coach group in the afternoon also sighted two mother/calf pods in Twofold Bay

Monday 12th October 2015

Whales, whales and more whales! An amazing number of Humpbacks being seen at the moment by Cat Balou Cruises at Eden.

The morning we focused on a competition pod with lots of surface activity – breaching, tail slapping & pec slapping. Singing was heard via the hydrophone. Common dolphins created much interest at one stage during the trip.

Many pods were seen on the later trip with two mother/calf pods travelling together at one stage. While the calves breached, the mothers were seen pec slapping

Sunday11th October 2015

Everyone wants to see whales breach and on both trips Cat Balou witnessed breaching by adults, some at very close range! Many pods were seen throughout the day, some mother/calf pods in Twofold Bay and others a couple of miles off the coast. Singing was picked up via the hydrophone on both trips and we had dolphins on the morning cruise.

Saturday 10th October 2015

The Humpback Highway at Eden was busy today with Cat Balou sighting numerous pod throughout the day. Some whales were spending long down times in the morning, however we ended up with competition pods on both cruises which provided exciting viewing with breaches, pec slapping and tail throws. We heard clear singing on the first trip.
Dolphins were also seen on all trips.

Friday 9th October 2015

Conditions on the water today were sloppy after the strong NE wind yesterday. We found a mother & calf on the southern side of Twofold Bay not long after leaving and had several close encounters with is pair. The inquisitive calf swam under the bow several times. Leaving them we picked up two more mother/calf pods and Common Dolphins.

As we headed back into Twofold Bay we could see a mother & calf breaching and this was a resight of the first whales we had seen. We watched this super active calf breach numerous times much to the delight of passengers. As we left them we picked up Bottlenose Dolphins.

Thursday 8th October 2015

Cat Balou began their day sighting a other & calf logging in Twofold Bay. With a NE wind predicted to freshen we left them and headed east, finding two pods of three adults who later affiliated. We had some close encounters and pec slapping. As we headed north we found another mother & calf near South Head and later several more mother/calf pods with the calves playful with peduncle thrusts.
The afternoon trip was cancelled due to the wind.

Wednesday 7th October 2015

Two stunning whale watching cruises today aboard Cat Balou at Eden.
We began with a mugging from a mother, calf & escort and later another pod where the calf breached 28 times! There were many pods seen throughout the trip including a competition pod.

There were a lot of sea birds sighted including a Giant Petrel and many Albatross.

The second trip also saw very active whales with a calf breaching just metres off our bow! An adult Humpback was super active pec slapping and to finish with, breached four times. Common Dolphins were seen as we returned to port.

Tuesday 6th October 2015

Another great day of whale watching with so many pods of whales sighted.
The morning began with a mother, calf & escort at South Heard with the calf and one of the adults giving a spectacular display of breaching. Singing was heard on the hydrophone
Another sighting was a competition pod of at least 6 animals.

The later trip found a pod of two adults cruising southwards and later a mother, calf & escort with the calf playful.

Both trips sighted Common Dolphins & saw a seal hauled out on the Eden breakwall.

5th October 2015

Cat Balou has been having wonderful days with the whales every day this week. There have been some very active displays of breaching, head lunging, tail & pec slapping and we have heard singing on most trips.

The mother/calf pods have started to come through on a steady basis, with them coming into Twofold Bay for a rest. Some of the calves have been very playful.

The weather has been fantastic for the holiday makers who have been keeping us very busy hence the daily reports not updated!