Wednesday 30th September 2015

What a day! Perfect conditions on the water and Cat Balou began the day with a mugging by two adult Humpbacks with some spectacular spy hops. Close by another whale was super active with over 50 breaches!

The afternoon trip found the Humpback Highway and we had a number of close encounters and some clear singing when we put the hydrophone in.

Dolphins were seen in numbers on both trips.

Monday 29th September 2015

A mother & calf were joined by two more adults in Twofold Bay this morning. Passengers were delighted as we had the whales right beside us many times. With a freshening NE wind we headed north and picked up another two Humpbacks near Leonard’s Island. Another mother and calf provided good viewing with the inquisitive calf swimming under Cat Balou.

A coach group staing at Merimbula enjoyed seeing the highlights of Twofold Bay on their lunch cruise.

Sunday 27th September 2015

A mother & calf found at South Head which we followed for 45 mins. With active whales we headed east and found a pod of two adults with some spectacular breaches. Singing was picked up on the hydrophone.
Heading north we found a Sei or Bryde’s whale and a juvenile Humpback on the way home.

The afternoon trip tested us with dolphins providing entertainment as we searched for whales. Our search resulted in us funding 2 Humpbacks which gave spectacular head lunges.

SATURDAY 26th September 2015

Rounding the Eden Lookout we spotted a whale near North Head. This turned out to be whale we believe was a Bryde’s whale which was rather elusive. We headed south finding a juvenile Humpback which circled Cat Balou on several occasions. Later we found a mother & calf, our second calf for 2015. A number of dolphins were in the same area of this pod.

Our second trip resighted the mother & calf sighted this morning. Mum breached once as we approached and also pec slapped.

Conditions again today were less than perfect.

Friday 25th September 2015

Conditions for whale watching today were difficult with a sloppy, confused swell, however we were able to show passengers whales on both trips with active whales reveling in the wind with a number of breaches.

Dolphins were also keen to accompany Cat Balou and the bird life amazing with the most Short Tail Shear Waters seen so far this season plus many Albatross.

Hopefully conditions will improve over the weekend.

Monday 24th September 2015

Cat Balou encountered many pods of Humpbacks today, sighting approximately 20 animals on their morning trip. All pods were active with tail & pec slapping as well as a few stunning breaches. Lots of Common Dolphins were also seen throughout the cruise.

Thursday 24th September 2015

After cancelling yesterday cruise due to big seas, Cat Balou ventured out today, however conditions were unsuitable for whale watching once outside Twofold Bay.

We managed to find one small humpback and some dolphins which proved hard to track in the swell.
We returned to port with all passengers receiving a full refund. Some are returning tomorrow when we hope conditions will have improved.

22nd September 2015

It felt like we were in Antarctic today, however the whales were not deterred and we spotted 7 Humpbacks this morning. There was a lot of peduncle throws and three breaches. Dolphins, seals and many Albatross were also sighted.

Monday 21st SEPTEMBER 2015

CAT BALOU did two whale cruises today and on both trips we witnessed lots of surface activity. On the morning trips, pec slapping was the order of the day and we heard singing when we put the hydrophone in.

The afternoon trip saw lots of tail slapping and at one stage we were surrounded by 7 Humpbacks.
Heaps of dolphins were seen on both trips.