Sunday 20th September 2015

We made good sightings of Humpbacks on two trips we did today. 5 Humpbacks displayed competition pod behaviour about a mile east of Eden. We picked up some clear singing on the hydrophone. More whales were sighted between North Head & Leonard’s Island and heaps of dolphins seen.

The afternoon trip went ahead despite a freshening Ne wind making conditions choppy. We had action from a couple of pods with breaches and pec slapping. Dolphins escorted Cat Balou for most of the trip.

Friday 18th September 2015

Today we had it all! Breaching & tail slapping by three Humpbacks in Twofold Bay. Great singing when we put the hydrophone in. Heaps of whales 4 miles SE of South Head, Eden and to cap it off a great mugging by two friendly fellas. Must not forget the playful dolphins seen throughout the trip and lots of Albatross, Shearwatesr, Gannets and another Sea Eagle with it’s lunch on the way home.

Thursday 17th September 2015

Within 30 minutes of departure, Cat Balou had found 4 Humpback Whales, hundreds of Common Dolphins and seals feasting on several bait balls in Twofold Bay. The birdlife was equally impressive with a couple of Albatross, dozens of Australasian gannets, Short Tail Shearwaters and a Seal Eagle who was carting what appeared to be a Shearwater home for breakfast!

We found another 2 Humpbacks south of South Head and near Saltwater two more whales which er believe were Sei Whales.

More Humpbacks were found back in Twofold Bay.

Wednesday 16th September 2015

Beautiful conditions on the water today and our morning began with a sighting of a juvenile Humpback near South Head, Eden. We witnessed it heading through several bait balls feeding on small fish
Near Mowarry we found another two whales and when we cut the motors, picked up singing via the hydrophone.

More whales were seen as we headed NE and we finished off the day with two friendly whales who ‘mugged’ us, upside down beside Cat Balou. One of these whales had earlier been playing with seaweed.
Heaps of Dolphins were seen during the trip.

Tuesday 15th September

Conditions were not good for whale watching today with the NE swell making conditions on the water rough.

We caught up with a couple of pods a mile outside Twofold Bay with some tail slapping from one juvenile and a few close encounters. More whales could be seen in the area, some active, but the sloppy conditions hampered where we could go, taking into consideration the comfort & safety of our passengers.

Saturday 12th September 2015

What a day! We found two humpbacks heading toward bait balls in Twofold Bay but decided to head wide, hoping to find the mega pod we encountered yesterday. We were not disappointed and 10 miles east of Eden were surrounded by numerous Humpbacks who swam under & beside Cat Balou and gave many spy hops while our motors were cut. A great mugging! Again we sighted many dolphins & seals throughout the trip.

Friday 11th September 2015

Today we witnessed a mega pod of 30 plus Humpback whales 10 miles east of Eden. In the 26 years we have been operating our whale watching cruises at Eden we have never seen so many whales in one area.

The ocean was alive with dolphins & seals plus sea birds.

Thursday 10th September 2015

There were plenty of whale for Cat Balou to watch this morning and we witnessed some peduncle thrusts, tail slapping, spy hops & a breach from the various pods we watched.

Common Dolphins were around the boat for most of the trip.

We picked up some singing when we put the hydrophone overboard. This is always a hit with the passengers when we hear they haunting song.

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Cat Balou was with 2 humpbacks within minutes of leaving the Eden wharf. One was a resight of a juvenile that we have been seeing over the past couple of weeks. Common Dolphins & seals were also seen in the same area.

Leaving this pair we headed south, sighting a couple of pods who were very elusive.

Near North Head we found another two whales and back in Twofold Bay we could see some activity which turned out to be two active whales with one pec slapping and three spectacular breaches.