Tuesday 8th September 2015

Great conditions on the water today & Cat Balou had some wonderful whale encounters. The first whale was keen to show it’s skills with numerous breaches, peduncle throws & tail slapping.

We encountered a Dwarf Minke whale near Leatherjacket Bay and off Saltwater at least 5 Humpbacks, numerous seals & Common Dolphins.

Sunday 6th September 2015

Today’s first encounter was with a small humpback whale feeding along with dolphins & seals just outside Twofold Bay. With a report of more whales east of Eden we decided to head out & this proved to be a good call with whales everywhere – a bit like whale soup! We witnessed some great lateral lunge feeding, close encounters, some head lunges & peduncle throws.

A number of whales & dolphins were seen on the trip home.

Saturday 5th September 2015

Near the heads of Twofold Bay we spotted our first pod. Some great tail throws had cameras clicking. We spotted more active whale to the east but unfortunately couldn’t find them when we reached the area where they had been seen.

Back in Twofold Bay a small humpback gave us a few close encounters and two more were found between North Head & Leonard’s Island.

Dolphins kept passengers entertained throughout the trip and a sunfish was seen bear Leatherjacket Bay.

Friday 4th Septmeber 2015

A couple of quiet juvenile humpbacks were found in North Bay early in the trip. We left them and headed south finding 2 sub adults near South Head. We followed this pair who headed headed into Twofold Bay and we had a few huge spy hops and several peduncle throws. Lots of dolphins and seals also sighted.

Thursday 3rd September 2015

Cat Balou witnessed another amazing display of Humpbacks feeding in Twofold Bay today. We had at least five whales and at one stage four of them lunged out of the ocean together, spewing hundreds of pilchards from their mouths. Lots of dolphins & seals added excitement of the morning.

It has been an incredible start to the 2015 whale season. Book now!

Sunday 13th September 2015

Perfect conditions on the water today and there was plenty to see. A couple of bait balls close to shore saw the dolphins, seals, Australasian Gannets and whales looking for their share of pilchards.
Another 2 humpbacks were seen with some head lunges as we approached, however the most action was seen later in the morning with a number of pods of Humpbacks east of Bittangabee. One whale tail slapped too many times to count while another was pec slapping. More dolphins were seen on the trip home.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Once again there were a number of Humpbacks in Twofold Bay this morning so we didn’t have to travel far before we were with whales. It was action plus as we watched whales, dolphins & seals in a feeding frenzy feasting on patches of pilchards.

One whale was quite inquisitive, spy hopping beside us at close range.

Bird watchers enjoyed seeing several Sea Eagles, Albatross, Shearwaters and Australasian Gannets.

Thursday 29th October 2015

It was another successful day of whale watching for Cat Balou passengers .Bottlenose Dolphins were seen within Twofold Bay and we found three pods of Humpbacks near Mowarry but these whales were spending long down times. Heading north we picked up Common Dolphins who were fun to watch. Outside Twofold Bay we found a pod of 5 adults who were pec slapping and spending lots of time on the surface. More dolphins were found with these whales.

The second trip found two pods just outside the heads. One calf was super active, breaching and pec slapping. Much to the delight of passengers it came to within a metre of Cat Balou.