15th August 2017

Today we headed south on a Coastal Wilderness/Whale Search Cruise and our first encounter with sealife was with a pod of Common Dolphins and a glimpse of what we believe was a Bryde’s whale. Nearby there was a lot of activity with dolphins and Australasian Gannets feeding on a bait ball.

As we headed north we found two friendly Humpbacks with some close encounters and several spy hops.  It is very early in the season for the whales to be heading south, so looks like we are in for a great season.

15th July 2017

This morning we located a pod of two Humpbacks a couple of miles east of Leonard’s Island. In the same area we had a pod of Common dolphins and the whales and dolphins were interacting with each other as the whales continued to head north.  A number of Albatross were also sighted. Some singing was also heard when we put the hydrophone in.

Cruises earlier in the week also located whales and dolphins.

9th July 2017

Cat Balou sighted one juvenile Humpback this morning several miles east of Saltwater. We saw this whale breach once and had several close encounters with it. With a freshening breeze it made conditions more difficult to spot whales than the previous few days when we had perfect conditions.

A pod of dolphins were also sighted as we were heading out on the cruise and several seals rafted up off The Lookout and another hauled out on the Eden breakwall as we returned.

8th July 2017

Another great day out with the whales with Cat Balou sighting three pods of Humpbacks hearing north 8 miles east of Eden. Two pods were competition pods which provided good viewing. At one stage a pod of Common Dolphins mingled with the whales. Another two whales were sighted closer to the coast as we returned home.

When we put the hydrophone in we picked up clear singing.

7th July 2017

Today we sighted a total of three Humpbacks. The first whale was picked up near Leonard’s Island heading north. We stopped Cat Balou & put the hydrophone in and what an amazing song we heard!. The whale must have been directly below Cat Balou. Later we found another 2 Humpbacks east of  Leatherjacket Bay with these two surfacing regularly.

6th July 2017

Today we headed out on a 3hr Coastal Wilderness/Whale Search cruise and had a wonderful morning. Perfect weather  prevailed and we began by finding a pod of dolphins just outside Twofold Bay.

It wasn’t long before we spotted an active Humpback and another pod closer to us. We opted to look at the active pod of two animals who gave an great display of breaching for an hour as we followed them north.

The hydrophone picked up some singing later in the morning. A third pod of whales were also seen as we headed towards shore.

Common Dolphins and seals were also sighted as well as a magnificent Albatross.

5th July 2017


Great excitement today when we spotted a mother and new born calf in Twofold Bay. From shore we had spotted the mother logging on the surface near the Eden Lookout for some time and decided to go and check on her – at that stage we were uncertain whether it was a Southern Right or Humpback.

We were amazed to see a tiny calf beside the adult. This is so early to see a calf as they are usually the last to arrive in October & November.

24th June 2017

It was a bleak day on the water with a brisk SW wind. We headed east and spotted a breaching whale to our south. This turned out to be a single animal which was very active as we headed towards it with a number of breaches and head lunges. Unlike recent whales we have been seeing heading north, this Humpback was heading south! More whales could be see to the east, but with the wind we opted to stay closer to shore, heading into Bittangabee Bay for a look. A number of Albatross were sighted throughout the trip.

Near Saltwater we put the hydrophone in and heard some singing in the distance.

We also spotted a lone dolphins on the trip home.

23rd June 2017

This morning we came across two pods of whales – each with 3 Humpbacks heading north. There were a number of close encounters with one whale actually bumping the bow of Cat Balou!

Great singing was also heard when we put the hydrophone in.

A few Seals were also sighted including one hauled out on the Eden breakwall.

20th June 2017

Out on another Coastal Wilderness/Whale Search this morning and found a pod of 4 Humpbacks a mile outside Twofold Bay. This appeared to be a couple of males, in pursuit of an adult and yearling. They moved in close to the shore in the northern section of the Ben Boyd National Park.

The next whale sighted was a single sub adult motoring north. Shortly after another two were found. Great singing was heard via the hydrophone.

A large pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were seen off Cocora Beach including one of our old favourites ‘Hookey’.

These cruises will continue over the next week but bookings are essential.