The weather over the past few days has tested us with strong NE winds making conditions on the water rough, however with our early starts we managed to get out each day and had whales every trip. Singing was also picked up via the hydrophone.

On Tuesday we witnessed a mother and calf with the calf breaching several times and later an active adult breaching numerous times and pec slapping in a pod of 4 adults near Leatherjacket Bay.

Wednesday we picked up a mother and calf at The Lookout and they headed into North Bay which was in the sheltered section of Twofold Bay and Thursday and on Thursday five adults near North Head who headed south with some breaching and head lunging.

A SW change overnight made conditions much better today, although bitterly cold. Our first mother & calf were found near South Head and rather quiet so we headed north finding another four mother/calf pods along with Common Dolphins and many Albatross. One mother gave an amazing tail slapping display for almost 15 minutes.

Conditions looking good for the next few days.