It was a grey day on the water today making conditions difficult for spotting whales. The morning cruise spotted some active whales several miles east of Leatherjacket Bay and we ended up out there with 5 friendly Humpbacks who mugged us for almost an hour. Later in the trip we found 2 Bryde’s whales, plus a mother & calf Humpback at North Head.

There was also plenty of action with dolphins, seals and Australasian Gannets in feeding frenzies on bait fish. Many Albatross were also seen throughout the trip.

On our second cruise we found 2 Bryde’s whales off North Head, along with many dolphins, seals and Gannets. It took a while to find some Humpbacks but we ended up having a lot of fun with a friendly sub adult who mugged Cat Balou.