About Cat Balou Cruises

Cat Balou Cruises operate from Twofold Bay, Eden, NSW – named Australia’s Number 1 whale watching destination in 2014 by Australian Geographic.
Cat Balou Cruises have been operating since 1987 and are the most experienced whale watching operators in NSW. As a family owned & operated business they have gained the reputation of maintaining high safety standards, providing exceptional service and value on all cruises as well as sharing their love of the area and the ocean with their passengers.  Cat Balou Cruises were inducted into the South Coast Tourism Hall of Fame in 2013, having won numerous tourism awards over the past 34 years.


Cat Balou Cruises have a strong commitment to the way we run our whale watching cruises. We make every effort to increase knowledge, awareness and commitment to the amazing natural environment of the Tasman Sea and the humpback whale southern migration off the waters off Eden, NSW.
We try to provide ongoing opportunities to our guests to learn more about humpback whales and their southern migration.
Through our whale watching operation we simultaneously supports local economies and promotes whale education and conservation. Cat Balou Cruises like to see our whale watching passengers becoming involved. We are not just a voice on the microphone. We encourage you to engage with the crew and ask questions, if on the very rare occasions we can’t answer your questions, we will find out.

Cat Balou Cruises acknowledge those that have come before us, and pay our respects to the Thaua and Bidawahal people of the Yuin Nation, of whose land on which we walk and sail.