Friday 19th July 2019

We sighted approx. 5-6 whales heading north on today’s Coastal Wilderness – Whale Search cruise.  We were lucky to see a couple of breaches and head lunges.  We also had one small curious juvenile pass behind the boat nice and close.   As always the dolphins delighted and entertained us throughout.

Friday 28 September 2018

What a treat, today we had a mother and calf inside the bay.  In close to The Lookout they both came in close to the boat to have a look and then delighted all on board with some breaching quite close to us.  We then headed down to Mowarry and found another couple who were also breaching along with head lunges and close passed by the boat.
On this afternoons cruise we headed back down to Mowarry to find a mother and calf along with an escort.  Again we were treated to head lunges along with some tail slaps.

Monday 24 September 2018

On this mornings cruise we found one juvenile humpback whale just south of Boyd’s tower and another three travelling east of The Lookout. We also had a pod of common dolphins come in for a play at the bow of the boat.
We sighted a mother and calf south east of Boyd’s Tower with an escort on this afternoons cruise and again a pod of common dolphins came into the boat for a play.

Thursday 20 September 2018

The whales were all on the move today, we spotted our first whale south east of Boyd’s Tower.  Heading north we spotted another 2 pods of 2 whales and observed them as they made their way south. We then went out wider and saw another couple motoring south.  Just north of Mew stone we found a pod of 2 who we were also on the move south.  We also sighted a large pod of Common Dolphins feeding and then just inside north head we had a possible sighting of a dwarf Minke whale.