27th November 2016

Although we have finished whale watching for the season, a few Humpbacks are still migrating south and today we had a mother, calf & escort close to the Eden Lookout on our morning Twofold Bay Cruise.

A private charter later found three mother/calf pods between the Eden Lookout & the woodchip mill.

23rd November 2016

Today was our last whale watching cruise for 2016 and the whales didn’t disappoint.

The weather tested us with low visibility and showers and we travelled for an hour before finding an active mother & calf breaching off Haycock Point. We followed this pair for over an hour with the calf spy hopping and rolling around close to Cat Balou. A pod of Common dolphins were also found as we watched the whales and delighted passengers as they raced in front & behind the boat.

What an amazing season this has been with more mothers & calves seen than ever before in our 27 whale watching seasons at Eden. We also managed to have a 100% success rate in sighting whales this season!

It has been wonderful catching up with many of our regular whale watchers who visit Eden each season to come whale watching with us and to make new friends this season.

If we have Cat Balou next season we look forward to doing it all again!

22nd November 2016

The past two days Cat Balou had private Twofold Bay charters, for the cruise ship Noordam yesterday and today for a coach group.

We found whales in Twofold Bay both days, much to the delight of passengers.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be our last whale watching cruise for 2016.

20th November 2016

Today we found a mother & calf in Calle Calle Bay, not long after leaving on our cruise. This was a quiet pair who were cruising around and still in the same place later in the morning.

We covered an area from North Head to The Pinnacles, spotting Bottlenose Dolphins but didn’t find any more whales. As we headed back to Twofold Bay we found two pods of Common Dolphins who were great to watch.

We will not be whale watching for the next two days as we have charters with the cruise ship and coaches, but plan to do what will probably our last whale watching cruise for this year on Wednesday.

19th November 2016

This morning we caught up with two mothers & calves on the southern side of Twofold Bay with one of the calves breaching several times. We spotted more whales to the north and found another two pods near North Head. One calf had prop marks on its body.

During the trip we also spotted the remains of a dead calf near Leonard’s Island.

Another highlight was seeing the cruise ship Maasdam entering Twofold Bay as whales breached near her as she entered the heads.

18th November 2016

The whales played hard to find this morning which is probably a sign that the whale season is drawing to a close, however we ended up spending time with two mother & calf pods in Merimbula Bay.

One mother had Killer Whale rake marks on her dorsal and upper fluke, indicating an attack sometime in the past. She surprised everyone with a magnificent breach at close range which we rated a 10/10.

A large pod of Common dolphins were found as we returned home along with another mother & calf.

Tomorrow we look forward to welcoming cruise ship Maasdam into Eden when she arrives at 10am. This is her maiden voyage into Twofold Bay and her sister ship Noordam arrives here on Monday.

17th November 2016

We began today with a quiet mother & calf seen in Twofold Bay not long after we departed. Leaving them we headed north picking up a pod of active Bottlenose dolphins, eager to come for a ride with us.

We spotted whales breaching a couple of kilometres to the east and found a pod of four adults who provided us with a great show as they mugged Cat Balou, spy hopped and gave some peduncle throws.

Our last pod was another mother & calf who were heading north towards Leonard’s Island.

16th November 2016

We found our first whales in Twofold Bay this morning, a mother & calf which we followed to South Head with some wonderful close encounters with the whales swimming under Cat Balou a couple of times.

Two more mother/calf pods were found a bit to the south, along with a large pod of Common dolphins. We saw one calf breach twice before we cruised to Saltwater, showing passengers the stunning coastline of the southern section of the Ben Boyd National Park.

As we headed north we resighted a mother & calf with the calf performing a number of breaches & tail slapping. A sleeping pod was seen close to shore and another pod just inside Twofold Bay.

15th November 2016

Within minutes of departing this morning we had found a mother & calf only a couple of hundred metres off the Eden Lookout.

Although the whales weren’t in a playful mood today we managed to see 4 pods at close range and had a number of close encounters from a friendly calf. Its mother had a very unique fluke with many Killer whale rake marks on it.

Common dolphins were found near Leatherjacket Bay and again later in the trip, providing great photo opportunities as they raced beside Cat Balou.

A couple of miles off Leonard’s Island we found lots of Albatross both resting on the ocean & flying around. A Sea Eagle was also sighted.

14th November 2016

With a fresh SW wind this morning we kept an eye on the forecast, but managed to see several pods of whales close to the coast and arrived back at the Eden wharf before the wind freshened.

We had some close encounters to one mother & calf and the highlight was breaches from another pod when both mother & calf exploded from the ocean several times. Several other pods were quiet, possibly from a report  that 2 Killer Whales were sighted early this morning close to the Eden Lookout.

A beautiful rainbow engulfed Eden & Boyd’s Tower early in the cruise. (See our facebook pics)