13th November 2016

The Humpback Highway was bust today with Cat Balou sighting many pods during both cruises. Most were mothers and calves, some full of energy with tail slapping displays, breaches, spy hops, pec slapping and a mugging by a mother & calf on the early cruise.

Both cruises sighted Common dolphins as well.

Although the season is drawing to a close with another 10 days or so left, there is no shortage of whales at present.

12th November 2016

Today’s weather wasn’t the greatest for whale watching with a sloppy NE swell, however we managed to sight 6 pods of Humpbacks during the cruise.

Three pods were found between South Head & Mowarry with some breaches seen as we approached one mother & calf pod.

Heading north we found another mother & calf near South Head with both breaching several times at close range.

Later we found two more mother/calf pods near Leonard’s Island with a calf breaching and doing peduncle throws.

11th November 2016

Perfect conditions prevailed throughout the morning with calm seas & sunny sky.

We got off to a good start with three mother/calf pods within Twofold Bay.  We put the hydrophone in & picked up a singing whale. Later we headed east finding two more pods of adults with one pec slapping.

Later we headed to an active pod of two adults pec slapping off The Pinnacles. A large pod of Common dolphins were also in the same area & delighted passengers as they danced around Cat Balou.

Several more pods of Humpbacks were seen closer to shore with one calf doing a couple of breaches and also playing with seaweed.

10th November 2016

We departed this morning with very low visibility due to a fog & light rain, however we found to pods within Twofold Bay and another pod just outside Twofold Bay. All pods were quietly cruising south.

Heading north we picked up another mother & calf again in travel mode. Off The Pinnacles we followed another mother & calf with some close encounters and watched the mother drape seaweed around her head.

The second trip found whales near South Head but this pair were hard to track. Heading north the whales were scarce, but we ended up watching two pods near Pambula with a great show by one mother & calf with spectacular head lunges & breaches. More active whales were seen several miles off the coast as we returned home.

9th November 2016

Twofold Bay resembled whale soup this morning with so many mothers & calves frolicking and mugging Cat Balou throughout the morning cruise. We had breaches, tail slapping and whales swimming under the boat at times, passengers didn’t know which pod to watch! We also head singing when we put the hydrophone in.

The second trip also had fantastic sightings with more breaching and peduncle throwing from adults. Common dolphins were also seen on this trip.

The coach group on the third trip were thrilled to see a mother & calf right in Twofold Bay. The adult had a distinctive fluke.

8th November 2016

Cat Balou had another spectacular day of whale watching today with many pods sighted throughout the day.

Our first encounter was with a mother & calf in Leatherjacket Bay who had several close encounters with us as they slowly headed south. We spotted another pod to the east and whilst heading to them picked up a pod of Common dolphins.  While we waited for the whales to appear we put the hydrophone in and heard clear singing from a Humpback.

Back in Twofold Bay we were surrounded by whales with a mother, calf & escort providing excellent viewing with an adult tail slapping. The calf did several breaches much to the delight of passengers.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was a later sighting of a head lunging adult and calf, followed by both breaching.

We finished off the trip finding Bottlenose dolphins near the Eden breakwall.

A coach group from the Black Dolphin Motel in Merimbula were thrilled to see a mother & calf near South Head. A bonus as they were on a Twofold Bay Highlights Cruise.

7th November 2016

Today we sighted many pods of whales within Twofold Bay and just off the coast at Eden. They were all mother/calf pods and we had a couple of very close encounters with inquisitive calves & their mothers, a few breaches and a few quiet whales. One pod interacted with Bottlenose dolphins in Honeysuckle Bay.

During the trip we found two bait balls with 50 or more Common dolphins, seals and sea birds in a feeding frenzy.

Faint singing was heard through the hydrophone.

6th November 2016

Great whales sighted on both trips today. Very active calves breaching throughout the day with many pods right in beautiful Twofold Bay.

Passengers also were thrilled to hear the whales singing on both trips and dolphins also seen on both trips.

Weather looking good for the remainder of the week.

4th November 2016

It was a picture perfect day on the water and there was plenty to see this morning.

Cat Balou caught up with a mother & calf heading south in Leatherjacket Bay and these two were joined by two more adults. We watched this pod for 45 minutes before heading north and found a pod of Common dolphins, eager to come for a ride with us. Four more adults were sighted and later another mother, calf & escort in Twofold Bay.

As we ventured further north we picked up two more pods and more dolphins.