Sunday 19th November 2017

Today we did our final whale watching cruise of the season finishing off seeing with a mother & calf off Leonard’s Island giving us 100% success sightings this year!  Although they were not active we had many close encounters with them and resighted them again in Twofold Bay as we returned home. We also had two encounters with Common Dolphins and saw several rafts of seals throughout the cruise.

The weather over the past week has really tested us with cruises cancelled on Friday & Saturday.

Over the next week we will be conducting Coastal Wilderness/Whale Search Cruises on selected mornings.  We expect that there are still more mothers and calves heading south, however the majority have now gone past Eden.


Tuesday 14th November 2017

As we left the Eden wharf this morning we picked up a pod of Bottlenose dolphins which were eager for a ride. A s we headed towards The Lookout  we spotted breaching whales on the southern side of Twofold Bay. This was a mother & calf who both breached a number of times. We followed them to South Head with the calf still continuing to breach.

Another active pod was a mile to the east and we ended up having a quick look at them but with the NE wind freshening, headed back to Twofold Bay, briefly sighting another mother & calf near the Heads.

After morning tea in East Boyd we found another pod of dolphins as we headed home.

Unfortunately the weather is not looking good for the next few days with a strong NE forecast.

Monday 13th November 2017

Our fist whale sighting today was two adults found a mile SE of South Head. Great whales to watch with lots of pec slapping close to Cat Balou.

After watching this pair for an hour we headed north finding a mother, calf and escort off The Pinnacles. We had some close encounters as they slowly headed south.

Saturday 11th November 2017

It was a beautiful day on the water with a glassy sea this morning.  Plenty of mothers and calves were sighted during the two cruises between Twofold Bay and The Pinnacles. Most seemed to be enjoying the calm seas, cruising south with a number of very close encounters from some cheeky calves.

Seals were also sighted on both trips and passengers on the early cruise also sighted Little Penguins.

Friday 10th November 2017

Today was one of the best whale watching cruises this year.

Before departing this morning we had spotted an active mother & calf between the Eden Lookout and southern side of Twofold Bay.

It didn’t take long to find this pair and what a great show we had! The mother gave an awesome pec slapping display while the calf tried to copy mum. This show continued for over half an hour.

Another pod was nearby but we were not able to get too close to the with an exclusion zone around navy vessel Canberra in port.

We later headed south and were treated to another magical display, this time breaching and head lunging from an adult, calf and escort. Another active breaching calf was in the same area.

Near South Head we came across another mother/calf pod and back in Twofold Bay the original mother & calf were still pec slapping.

The cruise finished with us sighting Bottlenose dolphins in Honeysuckle Bay.


Thursday 9th November 2017

A perfect day on the water and we were with our first pod of whales, a mother & calf spotted near the heads of Twofold Bay. They were cruising south with the mother fluking up regularly.

The next pod seen were three adults with some pec slapping from one animal. While we were with them we had an amazing encounter with a large pod of Common Dolphins. A mother & calf also appeared in the same area with some close encounters.

Another two pods of mothers and calves were also seen as we headed north.

A coach group on a bay cruise received a bonus with a mother & calf mid bay.

Wednesday 8th November 2017

Great conditions on the water and Cat Balou sighted twelve pods of whales on their two cruises today. All were mothers and calves and took out seasons tally of calves to 240!

One mother was seen playing with seaweed while her calf played beside her.

Tuesday 7th November

Cat Balou has been so busy over the past week that we haven’t had time to update our sightings, however there are still plenty of whales passing Eden on their southern migration.

Most pods have been mothers and calves with some entertaining babies.

Today we sighted both Common Dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins, seals  along with 6 Humpbacks, lots of Albatross and a couple of flying fish.

The weather is looking good for the remainder of this week.

Friday 3rd November 2017

This morning we encountered several pods of Humpbacks close to Twofold Bay. A pod of three adults cruised close to Cat Balou as they headed south. Some very close encounters later by a mother & calf and a few breaches from an adult.

The afternoon cruise viewed four mother & calf pods with some close encounters for one pod. The highlight of the trip was the final pod when one of the calves began breaching and continued to breach about 20 times.