Thursday 2nd November 2017

A great start to the cruise this morning with an active mother and calf a mile outside Twofold Bay. The calf breached a number of times while mum gave a splendid tail slapping display.

The next pod close to Leonard’s Island was a mother & calf with the mother pec slapping.

Several other quiet pods were also sighted throughout the trip.

Common dolphins were also a hit with the passengers.

A private charter in the afternoon for a film company saw plenty of action with a mother & calf tail slapping and am awesome breaching  and pec slapping display from another adult.

31st October 2017

It was a cold, windy day on the water with a fresh SW persisting throughout.

Cat Balou found a mother & calf just inside South Head and we followed them for a while before heading a mile offshore where we had spotted some breaching. One pod gave a good tail slapping display.

Heading back inshore we found a pod of Common dolphins and back in Twofold Bay another two mother/calf pods. One calf breached several times at close range and mum some peduncle throws. Passengers were thrilled when the last pod mugged us with the curious calf circling Cat Balou.

Monday 30th October 2017

Many pods of Humpbacks have been seen by Cat Balou over the past four days.

Yesterday we watched a mother & her calf breach and pec slap for over half an hour near South Head and in the afternoon some magical close encounters.

Good singing was heard today and we saw 7 pods with one adult head lunging and other mother calf pods seen breaching and doing peduncle throws.

Dolphins have also been seen on most trips.

Thursday 25th October 2017

It was a cold and overcast day on the water today. Shortly after leaving the wharf we spotted a pod of whales in Twofold Bay. This was the first of many seen throughout the morning with a number of Humpbacks breaching – both adults and calves. Dolphins also came along for a ride and a couple of seals seen.

The second trip also sighted a number of pods of Humpbacks with a calf breaching, a mother & calf tail slapping and the last mother & calf mugging us. Lots of Albatross were also sighted on this trip.

Singing was heard on both cruises from a vocal whale.

Wednesday 25th October 2017

We headed off this morning with overcast conditions making it more difficult to spot whales however it wasn’t long before we found a mother and calf near South Head. The calf breached several times at close range.

Leaving them we found another 4 pods who were fairly quiet before returning to South Head where another mother and calf were frolicking. The calf breached and breached!

A coach group doing a Twofold Bay Highlights Cruises later found a mother and calf in Honeysuckle Bay. This was a bouncing baby who breached time and time again delighting passengers.

24th October 2017

A stunning day on the water and Cat Balou had an amazing morning seeing many mothers and calves. Not only did the calves breach but some of the adults – always a memorable sight. We also saw head lunging and a great pec slapping display in Twofold Bay.

We did another two cruises for coach groups around Twofold Bay later and again saw many breaches from calves on both trips.

23rd October 2017

Cat Balou has been sighting many pods of Humpbacks over the past three days.

Most days we have sighted mothers with their calves in Twofold Bay, spending some time resting before heading south to the Antarctic.

We have has some very close encounters along with breaching, tail slapping and very clear singing.

The weather over the past three days has been great and looks like continuing through the remainder of this week.

Sunday 15th October 2017

Whale watching doesn’t get much better than what Cat Balou passengers experienced today. Calm seas with lots of sunshine and so many mothers and calves seen on both trips – many inside Twofold Bay.

The morning trip were with whales within minutes of leaving the Eden wharf with a mother & calf breaching a number of times before mum gave an awesome tail slapping display.

More action on the afternoon trip with lots of tail slapping and brilliant singing heard.

Saturday 14th October 2017

A sensational calm, sunny day on the water today.

Cat Balou rounded North Head and spotted at least 6 pods of whales towards Leonard’s Island. Most of these whales decided that it was not time to play although we spotted a calf breach several times but not at close range. Later we saw activity to the east and headed towards a pod of two pec and tail slapping. These turned out to be great whales with an awesome display of pec slapping right beside Cat Balou. Very clear singing was also recorded vis the hydrophone.

The later trip found several active mother/calf pods with lots of breaching from the calves.

12th October 2017

A windy start to the day with a gusty SW change early in the morning.

We put our departure back a couple of hours until the wind had abated. Quite a few pods of Humpbacks were seen in the bay before we left and it wasn’t long before we were with whales. Some of the highlights of the trip was viewing a competition pod of 5 adults and later a calf who breached numerous times. 6 other mother/calf pods were also seen.