Sunday 1st September 2017

A busy day with Cat Balou out whale watching three times with perfect weather prevailing.

All trips saw numerous whales. The highlight of the morning trip was a mugging for almost an hour by two very friendly Humpbacks. The only downside was one had very bad breath! While we were watching this pair we had the hydrophone in and heard very clear singing.

Lots of Humpbacks were seen on the second trip with lots of surface activity. A mother, calf and escort were sighted just inside Twofold Bay as we headed home with the escort giving a massive spy hop right beside Cat Balou.

The last trip found a couple of mother/calf pods with one calf breaching.

Dolphins were also sighted on all cruises.

30th September 2017

Yesterday & today we sighted a number of mother/calf pods at Eden. It is always exciting to see the first babies of the season and some have been very active.

This morning 2 mothers and their calves were found just 5 minutes after leaving the Eden Wharf and what a show we got. One adult pec slapped and breached while the calf played near her.

This afternoon another mother & calf were found a mile off North Head with the calf breaching over 50 times!

Common Dolphins were seen on all trips yesterday & today.

Weather looking good for the next week.

Thursday 28th September

After cancelling cruises yesterday due to strong NE winds, Cat Balou headed out this morning.

Conditions were not ideal with a swell still running, however we ended up having a great morning with some active Humpbacks. Our first whale breached three times at close range and a couple later mugged us – at one stage splashing passengers on the bow as it did a peduncle throw at close range.

Dolphins were seen feeding on bait balls as Australasian Gannets bombed the bait from above.

As we headed home we found a mother & calf at the entrance to Twofold Bay.

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Sorry that we haven’t been updating our recent sightings however we had a serious problem with our computer, but we are up and running again!

We have had an amazing time with the whales, not only Humpbacks but a couple of Southern Rights sighed plus a few Bryde’s over the past week.

Many days have seen very active whales, breaching, tail and pec slapping plus some whales have been seen lunge feeding. It is always awesome to see the inside of a Humpbacks mouth!

On a number of cruises we have also been mugged with curious whales swimming beside and under Cat Balou, at times spy hopping. Some have extremely bad breath!!

Cruises will be departing daily at 8am and on selected days our shorter whale watch at 11.45am. Early bookings are advised – phone 0427 962027

Friday 22 September 2017

Our first Mum and Bub of the season!  We found our first Mum and Bub at North Head and they entered Twofold Bay.  The calf breached several times.  Other pods were sighted during the cruise with brilliant displays of tail slapping and several breaches.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Apologies for the delay in our whale watching reports, we are experiencing a few computer issues so haven’t been able to produce daily reports on both Facebook and our website.  We are hoping that our computer problems will be resolved by early next week.

Over the last week, we have experienced excellent sightings of humpback whales.  Today we sighted over 30 whales and experienced lunge feeding, breaching and some close encounters with “mugging” around Cat Balou.  We have also sighted dolphins on most trips.

Tuesday 12th September 2017

We got off to a good start this morning when we found a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins just after leaving the Eden Wharf area.

A mile outside Twofold Bay we found two Humpbacks which surprised everyone with a couple of breaches at close range and a number of close encounters as they swam beside us.

Unfortunately the wind picked up from the NE which made conditions on the water a bit on the rough side. There were plenty of whales about 6 miles to the east but were hard to track with the conditions, however we had another close encounter with two whales and could see breaches and tail slapping further out.

Monday 11th September 2017

The ‘Humpback Highway’ off the coast at Eden today was busy with Cat Balou sighting over 30 whales during their morning cruise.

About 7 miles SE of Twofold Bay whales were everywhere – surfacing in front, behind and beside the boat. At one stage we were mugged by two adults as they rolled around us.

As we were about to head home a pod of three began lunge feeding with passengers in awe as they could see right inside their massive mouths. This is one of the few places in the world that Humpbacks feed during migration.

Common Dolphins were also sighted throughout the cruise.

Sunday 10th September 2017

After cancelling yesterdays cruise due to strong wind, Cat Balou headed out with eager whale watchers.

Just outside South Head we found a bait ball with Common Dolphins & Australasian Gannets feasting on small fish. There was also a Bryde’s Whale near this action.

Leaving this feeding frenzy we continued east and it wasn’t long before we found one active sub adult Humpback. What a great whale with breaches, head lunges, pec & tail slapping. Common Dolphins were also around the whale.

Later we headed north spotting a couple of quiet whales before finding a pod of two who mugged Cat Balou for 40 minutes with amazing spy hops & close encounters.