Sunday 15th September 2019

An exciting day here in Eden today with the first cruise ship, the Pacific Explorer, pulling up alongside the newly extended Breakwater wharf.  On this mornings cruise we headed south and got almost all the way down to Greencape.  From here we travelled out wider and found a pod of three whales, who put on quite a show for us breaching and pec slapping.  They continued to mug us for quite some time spy hopping, surfacing very close to the boat and we even got a peduncle throw right in front of us. 

Saturday 14th September 2019

Very windy day today, we headed south and came across 2 – 3 whales tail slapping over and over again.  We then headed out a bit wider and travelled north, we saw lots of splashing and blows but all quietened off when we approached, we continued on to just off Haycock Point and there we had a pod of 2-3 who were breaching, head and pec slapping.  We also saw a double breach!!  Lots of albatross around today and multiple sightings of common dolphins.

Thursday 12th September 2019

It was a grey ole day today and the whales were hard to spot.  We did however get to see a mother and her calf at Honeysuckle (just inside the bay) and we followed them out to South Head, then had another pod approach from the port side, the two pods then made their way out of the bay.  We continued on and headed south to Mowarry however we didn’t spot much.  We did get to see a couple of whales fluke up and dive.  Then we decided to headed north and as we past Mewstone we saw another couple of blows but again as we approached they went into a dive.

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Awesome day with lots of whales!  Heading south and out wide between Mowarry and Green Cape we found a couple of pods in close proximity to each other.  They were tail slapping for quite some time, then 2 whales broke from the others. They come over to the boat and mugged us for approx. 45 mins.  They spy hopped multiple times and passed under the boat a number of times.  It is always a fantastic day when you get to see the magnificent creatures up so close.

Friday 6th September 2019

The whale siren sounded as we were boarding passengers this morning.  So we headed straight around to Calle Calle bay where we spotted blows to the right of Mewstone and then another breaching.  Then another breached off the starboard side between us and Boyd’s tower.  We headed that way and we had our first mother and calf for the year.  Mum and baby both breached multiple times.  While we sat off the mother and calf pod just in front of Boyd’s Tower another adult breach off our starboard rear quarter – quite close.  All three whales then headed around South Head and out of the bay.  Another two mother and calf pods then started breach about 1 km from the tower.  Conditions were very challenging with strong wind and a bit of swell around so after we had a look at them we headed back into the bay.

Wednesday 4th September 2019

As we headed out of Twofold Bay this morning we had common dolphins ride the bow.  A beautiful spring day and taking advantage of the great conditions we headed south but out a bit wider.  On our way we spotted a few blows but the whales were a bit illusive first thing.  Saw some breaches off in the distance however by the time we got to them they went quiet.  Pushing a bit further south we came across a couple of pods all in quite close proximity to each other.  Two pods in particular put on a great display of tail and pec slapping, then the third pod came to the boat and had us all running around as they mugged us for around quite some time.  They enthralled us all with their gentleness as they swam all around the boat.

Wednesday 28th August 2019

We set off south today and we saw a few pods however they were all just travelling along.  We then decided to push down past Mowarry where we found a juvenile who was in a very playful mood, breaching and pec slapping for between 30-45 mins.  Thrilling us all coming very close to the boat and as we left to head home he continued to breaching and playing almost urging us to stay.