20th October 2017

The weather over the past few days has tested us with strong NE winds making conditions on the water rough, however with our early starts we managed to get out each day and had whales every trip. Singing was also picked up via the hydrophone.

On Tuesday we witnessed a mother and calf with the calf breaching several times and later an active adult breaching numerous times and pec slapping in a pod of 4 adults near Leatherjacket Bay.

Wednesday we picked up a mother and calf at The Lookout and they headed into North Bay which was in the sheltered section of Twofold Bay and Thursday and on Thursday five adults near North Head who headed south with some breaching and head lunging.

A SW change overnight made conditions much better today, although bitterly cold. Our first mother & calf were found near South Head and rather quiet so we headed north finding another four mother/calf pods along with Common Dolphins and many Albatross. One mother gave an amazing tail slapping display for almost 15 minutes.

Conditions looking good for the next few days.

Friday 13th October 2017.

It was a magical morning with the ocean like a lake. We got the day off to a great start with 4 mother/calf pods in Twofold Bay. Two of the calves were very inquisitive mugging Cat Balou in between their playful antics including breaching and peduncle throws.

Singing was heard as we put the hydrophone in the ocean.

The second trip resighted two of the earlier pods near Mowarry with close encounters by mothers and calves. Heading home we spotted another 3 pods with one very active calf giving a great breaching display.


15th July 2017

This morning we located a pod of two Humpbacks a couple of miles east of Leonard’s Island. In the same area we had a pod of Common dolphins and the whales and dolphins were interacting with each other as the whales continued to head north.  A number of Albatross were also sighted. Some singing was also heard when we put the hydrophone in.

Cruises earlier in the week also located whales and dolphins.

11th June 2017

Another successful whale search today finding a pod of 6 sub adult Humpbacks 8 miles east of Eden – nearly the same position as the whales seen yesterday. These were good whales to follow as they spent much time on the surface. At one stage we had one swim right under Cat Balou.

We stopped and put the hydrophone in and could hear a whale singing which is very special.

Another two pods could be seen in the general area.

We will continue to operate these cruises on selected mornings over June & July.

28th September 2016

Great conditions on the water today and Cat Balou did three whale watching cruises.

There were many pods to choose from  and we had some sensational encounters with very friendly whale who mugged us on two of the trips plus breaches & tail slapping on the other. Passengers were amazed just how close these giants of the ocean came to the boat ( see video on Cat Balou Cruises Facebook).

All cruises encountered lots of Common dolphins and singing was also heard on each trip.

The forecast is terrible for tomorrow but will hopefully improve for the following days.

12th September 2016

Today we witnessed lots of different activities from several pods of Humpbacks. The first two entertained passengers as the played with seaweed and cavorted on the surface for 45 minutes. We saw them spy hop a number of times. The second whale was first spotted tail slapping, then decided to breach numerous times. The next pod ended up as a competition pod of four whales who were entertaining to watch. Common dolphins mingled with them at times. Heading home we found two more whales who mugged us. All in all a great day.