Cruise weather conditions

Eden is 38m above sea level. Eden’s climate is classified as warm and temperate.  In Eden, the summers are warm and partly cloudy and the winters are cool and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 10°C to 25°C and is rarely below 8°C or above 30°C.  The water temperature in Eden (Tasman Sea) is on an annual average at about 18.70°C


During the summer months we offer our Twofold Bay Highlights cruises and on selected days our Twilight cruises and Twofold Bay Beach Discovery cruises.  On these cruises we regularly see both Bottlenose and Common dolphins, seals and on occasion penguins.  The average day time temperature here in Eden over summer is 24 degrees celsius.


Over the autumn months (March, April and May) our Twofold Bay Highlights cruise is scheduled regularly with sightings of dolphins and seals made on these trips. In previous years we have made our first whale sightings during May as the Humpback whales commence their northern migration.  The average day time temperature ranges from 18 to 23 degrees celsius.


Winter sees the Humpback whales northern migration and the commencement of our Coastal Wilderness – Whale Search cruises.  These cruises offer a great opportunity to take in some of the most beautiful coastline as we travel south towards Green Cape Lighthouse.  As we venture out of Twofold Bay we often see dolphins, seals, many species of sea birds including albatross and of course we are always on the look out for whales.  The average day time temperature through winter is 15 degrees celsius


Spring is our favourite time of the year not only are the temperatures increasing but the Humpback whales southern migration is in full swing.  Our Whale Watching cruises run daily through September, October and early November.  We also offer out Coastal Wilderness – Whale Search cruise though the middle of November along with the Twofold Bay Highlights cruises.  The average day time temperature in Spring can range between 18 and 21 degrees celsius.

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