Today was one of the best whale watching cruises this year.

Before departing this morning we had spotted an active mother & calf between the Eden Lookout and southern side of Twofold Bay.

It didn’t take long to find this pair and what a great show we had! The mother gave an awesome pec slapping display while the calf tried to copy mum. This show continued for over half an hour.

Another pod was nearby but we were not able to get too close to the with an exclusion zone around navy vessel Canberra in port.

We later headed south and were treated to another magical display, this time breaching and head lunging from an adult, calf and escort. Another active breaching calf was in the same area.

Near South Head we came across another mother/calf pod and back in Twofold Bay the original mother & calf were still pec slapping.

The cruise finished with us sighting Bottlenose dolphins in Honeysuckle Bay.