Saturday 17th August 2019

As we headed out on our Coastal Wilderness-Whale Search cruise this morning we were joined briefly by a pod of common dolphins.  Making our way out past Boyd’s Tower on South head another pod of dolphins came to the bow of the boat for a short time.  Spotting some activity out on the horizon we headed in that direction and found two pods of Humpback whales, both heading south.

These pods were really just travelling along but we were very happy to have a couple of close passes by the boat as they zig zagged from our port to starboard sides.  We stayed with one of these pods for quite a while before leaving them to head back to Twofold Bay.  As we approached Mowarry Point we saw what we think may have been a Dwarf Minke whale, unfortunately I was not able to get a photo.  As we passed by Leather jacket we saw with another two Humpback whales with a second pod approx. 300m further out.  All whales seen today were heading south.

Monday 5th August 2019

As we rounded Boyd’s Tower on South Head we were joined by common dolphins, we then picked up a pod of 3 humpback whales around 3.5 mile out of Twofold Bay.  This pod was observe feeding and delighted all on board with some close passes by the boat.  We then saw another pod of 2 not too far from the first pod who we believe were also feeding.  Then we picked up a single humpback travelling north.  Another pod of common dolphins escorted us back into Twofold Bay.

Tuesday 23rd July 2019

On our way out of Twofold Bay this morning we were joined by a pod of Common Dolphins and it didn’t take long before we spotted a juvenile Humpback whale feeding.  We happily watched from a distance for approx. 30-45 mins and during this time this whale come over to the boat before going back to feeding.  We then headed north and we were again joined the common dolphins.

Friday 19th July 2019

We sighted approx. 5-6 whales heading north on today’s Coastal Wilderness – Whale Search cruise.  We were lucky to see a couple of breaches and head lunges.  We also had one small curious juvenile pass behind the boat nice and close.   As always the dolphins delighted and entertained us throughout.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

A perfect winters morning in Eden made it a fantastic day for being on the water. On our Coastal Wilderness-Whale Search cruise this morning we sighted a Brydes whale and a pod of Common dolphins within Twofold Bay. Then we made our way out of the bay and saw approx. 8 Humpback whales (3-4 pods) making their way North and more Common dolphins as well as a seal or two. And to finish off we had a pod of Bottlenose dolphins escort us around the breakwall as we made our way back into Sung Cove.

We will be back out Wednesday for a Twofold Bay Highlights cruise and Friday for a Coastal Wilderness-Whale Search.

Friday 28 September 2018

What a treat, today we had a mother and calf inside the bay.  In close to The Lookout they both came in close to the boat to have a look and then delighted all on board with some breaching quite close to us.  We then headed down to Mowarry and found another couple who were also breaching along with head lunges and close passed by the boat.
On this afternoons cruise we headed back down to Mowarry to find a mother and calf along with an escort.  Again we were treated to head lunges along with some tail slaps.