Monday 10 September 2018

Another calm, sunny morning and we spotted a seal rafted up in the water on our way out of Twofold Bay this morning and not long after we were joined by a pod of Common Dolphins.  We then came across 2 Humpback whales east of The Lookout.  After spending some time with them we headed north and found a couple of very active whales.  We were treated to a great display of breaches, pec slapping and they came in close to give us a wave.

Sunday 9 September 2018

On this mornings Whale Watch cruise we didn’t have to go far before we saw a single humpback whale NE of Boyd’s Tower.  We then headed SE of Boyd’s Tower where approx. 12 whales mugged us for around 45 mins and there were more whales active bit further out. We had a Mother & calf in this group, who weren’t shy about showing us their tails, we had one do a peduncle throw right in front of the boat and another did a spy hop very close into the side of the boat. We also observed this group lateral lunge feeding.  Fantastic morning of Whale Watching!

On our Twofold Bay cruise this afternoon we spotted a few whales East of Boyd’s Tower so we took a short detour seeing approx. 7 Humpbacks, couple of breaches and tail slapping.

Monday 3 September 2018

We had an escort of common dolphins on our way out of the bay this morning.  It was a day of heads and tails, with some breaches thrown in for good measure.  We were mugged by a juvenile humpback who was very curious, lapping the boat several times.  Also a treat to see a mother and her calf just outside Twofold Bay.

Sunday 26 August 2018

The fog lifted just in time for us to head off this morning.  We headed east from Boyd’s Tower and it didn’t take long before we spotted our first pod of Humpback Whales, throughout the morning we sighted 12 – 15 whales in total.  We saw lots of flukes/tails today with one giving us a great ‘show’, multiple breaches and lots of pectoral slapping.  Others were feeding and we even had one pass right under the boat.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Heading out on our Coastal Wilderness-Whale Search cruise this morning we found a couple of small pods of common dolphins as well as an albatross.  We also spotted what we think may have been a False Killer Whale.  We only got a glimpse of it in close to the boat so we couldn’t say for certain.  Heading north east of Boyd’s Tower we came across multiple pods of Humpback Whales approx. 12 in total.

Friday 17 August 2018

With sighting of multiple pods from shore this morning we headed straight out to the middle of the bay and travelled towards North head.  We had amazing numbers of whale sightings today seeing between 15 and 20 whales lunge feeding just south of Mew stone, with more pods of whales out just a bit further. Heading back towards Boyd’s Tower we spotted another two pods of whales cruising along. Great Whales – Great Day!