Family Whale Watching Cruise (approx 2 hours)

See whales at Eden named as one of Australia’s top Whale Watching destinations by Australian Geographic over the last 10 years! A shorter version of whale watching which is a more suitable option for families with younger children or folk that have limited time.

Location: Eden, NSW

From AUD $79.00

Duration: 2 hours (approx.)

How we operate
Cat Balou Cruises have a strong commitment to the way we run our whale watching and coastal wilderness cruises. We make every effort to increase knowledge, awareness and commitment to the amazing natural environment of the Tasman Sea and the humpback whale southern migration off the waters off Eden.  We try to provide whale education and conservation.

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Discover the humpback highway

See whales at Eden named as one of Australia’s top Whale Watching destinations by Australian Geographic over the last 10 years!

These operate on selected days departing at 11.45am and are approximately 2 hours.

At this time of the year majestic Humpback whales frequent the waters just off the coast at Eden, at times coming into Twofold Bay on their southern migration. Other species of whales that also visit this area include Southern Right, Minke, occasionally Blue, Bryde’s and Orca. Most years whales can be observed lateral lunge feeding – one of the few places in the world this can be seen!

Other sea life frequently seen are Common & Bottlenose Dolphins, Australian Fur Seals, penguins, flying fish and at times sunfish and turtles.
Bird life includes many species of sea birds – albatross, shearwaters, sea eagles and gannets to name a few.

Complimentary refreshments including hot soup is served.

PLEASE NOTE: All cruises are subject to weather and passenger numbers.  Full refund if cruise is cancelled due to unsuitable weather.

Frequenty Asked Questions

When is the best time to go whale watching?

Our Whale Watching cruises operate during the Humpback Whales southern migration.  During August some of the whales are still heading north however some will begin their migration south.  September and October are the months when we see the largest number of whales passing by Eden on their southern migration.

What should I bring?

Warm clothes – being on the water can be cold especially when standing viewing the whales.
Camera – to capture all those golden whale moments (and spare batteries or a power source).
Sunglasses – there is a lot of glare off the water so a pair of sunnies is always recommended.
Seasickness precautions are recommended for whale watching and coastal wilderness cruises which operate on open waters, it’s always better to be prepared.
A sense of adventure – you never know what we may encounter!

Is there a minimum or maximum age?

There is no minimum or maximum age for travel on our vessel. We have hosted small babies right through to centurions.

Can I bring my stroller/pram?

Yes, we can accommodate strollers inside cabin of our vessel, it is a good idea to note that you will be bringing a stroller onboard in the special requirements section when booking via our website or mention this when booking over the phone.

Is the boat wheel chair accessible?

There is limited wheelchair access on our vessel, there is a ramp that leads from our pontoon to the vessel, then there is space on our outer back deck for a wheelchair to be positioned. There are sea doors, a step up of 30cm, that lead from the back deck into the cabin and this can be an obstacle for accessing the inside cabin for those in a wheelchair. Our toilets also have sea doors and again this restricts their use for those with mobility issues.
Please feel free to contact us on 0427 962 027 if you would like any further information about access to our vessel we welcome the chance to discuss your individual situation and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What happens in bad weather?

All cruises are subject to weather as well as sea conditions. We rarely cancel based on a forecast of rain however if the rain were to reduce visibility this would impact our ability to navigate safely, find whales or other wildlife and in this instance a cruise may be cancelled. Wind strength and direction as well as swell height and direction will also influence our decision to cancel a cruise.
We consult the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for the latest forecast, if you are concerned about the weather forecast please contact us on 0427 962 027.

Are sea sick precautions necessary?

Seasickness precautions are recommended for Whale Watching and Coastal Wilderness cruises which operate on open waters, it’s always better to be prepared. Your local chemist/pharmacy will be able to provide you with information about the preventative options available and suitable for you.
Our advice;
• Have light breakfast, avoid any rich/ fatty foods. Do NOT skip a meal as feeling hungry can contribute to nausea.
• If you start to feel unwell move to the lower back deck.  Being in the fresh sea air will help.
• Keeping your eyes on the horizon or the land and avoid looking down.
• Please don’t worry if you start to feel unwell, alert a member of our crew and they will be able to assist you. We also have seasick bags onboard and these are freely available.

Family Whale Watching Cruise

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