CAT BALOU   passengers today witnessed nature at its best. We began the trip watching two mother/calf pods right in Twofold Bay. Heading east we ended up 6 miles east of Eden with a smorgasbord of sealife. Over 70 Common Dolphins enjoyed racing CAT BALOU towards the whales. Hundreds of Short Tail Shearwates and Australasian Gannets plus a few Albatross were on the surface and we were surrounded by sub adult whales. It was hard to count as they kept appearing all around us, but we estimate there must have been 20 Humpbacks and we also sighted another whale, possibly a Minke or Brydes from its fin. The dolphins kept hanging with the whales, along with a few seals. Later we watched two whales pec slapping and saw more pods on the trip home.

Conditions on the water were perfect with lots of sunshine & no wind.